Fourth Anniversary Brings Expansion

Total Project Management Group Ltd (TPMG) was founded by our husband-and-wife team Shaun and Amie McNeish back in 2018.  Originally, the business ran alongside Shaun’s employment overseas, and even with the COVID-19 outbreak and a global lockdown, the pair decided to push on with their efforts with the business, going full-time in May 2020.

Since then, we haven’t looked back and now run a strong team of more than 20 multi-skilled core staff and subcontractors who use combined experience of more than a century to carry out a range of projects both on site for a growing client base, and at TPMG’s Bonnyrigg base.

Here at TPMG, we provide first-class solutions to overcome a range of complex engineering challenges whilst increasing production and improving performance in pipeline and process services in the oil and gas, energy, renewables, brewing and distilling, commercial, food and drink and many other industries. 

The recent launch of our new website to the corporate toolbox is set to take operations to a new level by telling the story so far and showcase the capability and ambition of the business as the company eyes its next chapter.

With the continuous strength of demand, we are looking to further expand our workforce in the coming months and are currently exploring a potential move to larger premises to ensure correct positioning for further growth.

Commenting on the success of the company, Managing Director, Shaun McNeish said: “By approaching each customer requirement with an ethos of flexibility and proactivity, we create client partnerships which are founded on listening to what is needed and delivering excellence in everything we do.”

Amie McNeish added: “Taking the plunge during the first lockdown was something of a leap of faith and our success is testament to the hard work of everyone on the team.”

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