Mechanical Pipeline and Process Services

A wealth of experience
across a diverse range of industrial projects

TPMG offer fully comprehensive mechanical pipeline and process expertise. Our extensive range of mechanical engineering skills can be interchanged and applied tailored to fit your business and asset needs. By harnessing our robust and extensive network of talent, we will provide first class solutions supporting liquid process plants to extend asset life and maximise operational performance and productivity.

Our onsite mechanical pipeline and process team are there to solve and repair any issues at the sight of breakdown. Our responsive and expeditious team are available to attend site promptly when required. TPMG’s on the ground and out of hours response is rapid, minimising downtime for our clients wherever possible.

Our TMJI certified team are equipped to manufacture, inspect, service, repair and refurbish key mechanical pipeline and process elements supplying the highest operational standards and workmanship excellence.

TPMG Mechanical engineering team inspecting pipework

Core mechanical pipeline and process services include:


• Hand or Hydraulic Torquing and Tensioning of Flange Connections
• Hydraulic Nut Splitting
• Mechanical Joint Integrity Solutions
• Flange Integrity Management


• Flange Facing
• Cold Cut Pipe Cutting & Prepping
• In-situ Milling


• Hydrostatic Pressure Testing of Heat Exchangers and Pipelines.
• Small Bore Pipe Pressure Testing