Solving universal
pipeline challenges

TMPG’s variety of multi-skilled professionals can be deployed to solve a range of pipeline and process cross sector challenges. Our team have experience delivering pipeline expertise to the Oil & Gas, Renewables, Brewing & Distilling and Food & Drink sectors.

Since establishment, TPMG has expanded operations rapidly to support multiple industries and we plan to continue this growth looking into the future.

Oil & Gas

Our robust network of multi-skilled professionals is equipped with the skills, knowledge and expertise applicable across energy pipeline and process sector challenges.


As we move towards Net Zero by 2050 targets, advancements in renewable energy technology and systems are driving a more sustainable future. TPMG has an eye on the future of green operations and strive to ensure manpower is prepared with appropriate skills to support the renewable sector.


Team TPMG have extensive experience in all aspects of Brewing & Distilling pipeline and process sector systems. From initial planning, right through to final fit for purpose project delivery, TPMG will help every step of the way.


Food & Drink is the UK’s largest manufacturing sector and comes with its own pipeline and process sector challenges that TPMG is able to solve by implementing a customised service including NDT inspections to ensure health and safety standards are met accordingly.

Get in touch and harness our multi-skilled pipeline and process professionals.